This article refers to the primary version of Hypericum. For the alternate version, see Hypericum (Imperium).

Hypericum was the galaxy[Pan 1] ruled by the dominant population of hypericumites. It was governed as a monarchy but when twin girls were born the throne was meant to be passed onto their shared rule. Due to their feud over Peysiant Guril, however, one of the sisters, Imeryn, decided to claim sole power and overthrew her twin sister, Ameryl, who then went into exile from the cosmic nation. Under Imeryn's might the empire expanded further across the stars, even into other dimensions and universes, until she finally met her match at the hands of the Stronghold of Powerplayers. In a desperate bid to finish them off, Imeryn drew on the very life essences of her entire domain and sacrificed them all to create a powerful attack against the Powerplayers. The attack ultimately wasn't strong enough and the entire Hypericum empire was destroyed, along with the majority of the hypericumites.[Pan 2]



'Big' was never 'big enough'. Each temple would have to be bigger than the last, the apse forever expanding upwards and outwards with ever more intricate murials within the dome. A single roof is never enough when you can have many roofs all on one roof! The Bochka system[Ext 1] employed, having many cylindrical roofs sitting atop each other to reach upwards to the skies. A tented roof would stand at the very top, its tip often peaked with some glorious symbol or statue of some past monarch or saviour. Support columns had to do more than just prop up the roof, they had to be examples of greatness and wonder. Pilasters would line the walls to create the illusion of strength and integrity[Tales 1].





Traditional Hypericum Cranberry Juice

Though the Hypericum Empire is gone, the recipe for traditional Hypericum cranberry juice remains as it was stored into The Imperium's replicators by Ameryl Hypericum. The drink is the favourite beverage of Kleo the Summermaid[Tales 2].


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