Hyperborea is a location that can be moved across planets as it is created by God, the orb that resides at the centre of the land. It is always frigid and snowing and replaces whatever landscape was originally present.



The land is frigid and covered in a permanent layer of snow. At the very centre of Hyperborea is always the Borean God - an orb as tall as mountains. It is entirely black but covered in a shining, blue mesh and has a soft, blue aura. The buildings are all incredibly unique in their designs, sizes and shapes. Even the streets between them have their own flair and styles. Some streets appear as roads, others tunnels, others are brightly lit while others still are covered in exotic foliage. It is all created by the individual whims of each Borean, through the power of their God[Pan 1].



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Boreans are connected to Hyperborea through their God, the orb, which resides at the centre of the land. They are six-foot, golden-skinned beings who are also dubbed 'old elves'. They are androgynous beings that do not reproduce and are ageless. They created Hyperborea using the power of God, created to their own individual creative desire[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Hyperborea is loosely inspired by the mythological continent of Hyperborea[Ext 1]." ~ Britt the Writer


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