The Hydriaverse is a universe that was conquered by The Imperium. It was formerly controlled by Ameryl Hypericum (Hydriaverse), who is the alternate reality form of Ameryl Hypericum of the NeSiverse.


Hypericum Empire (Hydriaverse)

Ameryl's Tower


The exterior to Ameryl's Tower is black and angular and the building is a towering skyscraper and there is an incredibly long staircase to reach it[Pan 1].


The interior has no stairs and requires the power of flight to ascend it. The doors are white and triangular. Within the throne room, there is a large, white throne. Many of the rooms are wide, large and open with sparse furniture. At the very tip of the tower, however, is a much smaller room[Pan 1].

Hydrians Wall

Main article: Hydrians Wall

Hydrians Wall was designed by Ameryl Hypericum (Hydriaverse) to created a defensive barrier against The Imperium. It spans the entire universe and consists of trillions of barrier projectors[Pan 1].


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