Hydrians Wall is a colossal megastructure that spans the entire universe of the Hydriaverse. It consists of trillions of barrier projectors that form a defensive wall straight through the universe. It was designed by Ameryl Hypericum (Hydriaverse) to stave off attacks from The Imperium, but it was later conquered and taken into possession of The Imperium under the command of EMPEROR.



It consists of trillions of projectors that are scattered throughout space to form a protective energy wall, straight through the Hydriaverse[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"When I first came up with this idea, I wanted to fashion something absurdly grandiose - therefore spanning the entire universe. The name of the wall is a mixture of Hypericum, which is a word created by Al Ciao the Writer, and Hadrian's Wall[Ext 1] that was created during the reign of emperor Hadrian[Ext 2].


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Tales from The Imperium

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