High Cherub Imp-Phim is a Character from an alternate universe wherein Highempress, that universe's version of Iriana Emp, had conquered all of it and High Cherub Imp-Phim was the final foe to stand between Highempress and absolute victory. A young woman with bold red hair wielded a warlock-trident and used pacts, much like her father, High Imp of that universe. Her mother was an alternate version of Seraphim. She stood defeated aboard the Powerplayer Force Prime Hovercarrier but convinced Highempress that her victory was hollow as she had no audience. There were no Readers, no Writers and no Story. Highempress summoned a mirror from the bathroom and used it to seek out a Story Realm, finding the NeSiverse and Iriana Emp. Highempress went through the mirror like a portal and Slave Gebohq, slave and uncle to Highempress, proclaimed she was doomed. High Cherub Imp-Phim agreed, stating that a PowerPlayer like Highempress couldn't be tolerated in a Story Realm. Slave Gebohq, however, was referring to the fact she'd broken a mirror and must have bad luck.

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