Template:PostHFO Post 4 is a short post where The Doctor[Ext 1], who has made a few cameo appearances in NeS2, shows up to chastise the Hero Force One (Story) for having a similar premise to a specific set of episodes to his own TV show.


There is a distinctive noise, and then a great big blue box[Ext 2] appears in the room, with the words "Police" written across it. A door opens, and a jaunty fellow wearing a Fez pops his head out.

Doctor: Word of warning. If you try to rip off my 4th season finale[Ext 3], I WILL find you.

His head pops back in, and the great big blue box disappears again.

Qhobeg: HAHAHAHAHA, what nonsense he's full of. He's ALREADY found us. Idiot.

Others: ...


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