HFO Post 1 is a Non-Story Post explaining the reasons for creating the spin-off Story and introducing the content for the thread, including an updated HFO members list.


Hero Force One

This thread is a minor spin-off from the Never-ending Story2. Recently I have been dominating the post count of the NeS and rather than bombard it with posts about Hero Force One that are barely linked to the main characters or plot of the NeS, I decided it was time I made a spin-off thread.

This thread works just like the NeS, though I intend to write it with slightly less wacky, zany antics. Slightly less. It's still largely for comedy, but also ample doses of awesome and action.

I fully expect to be writing this rubbish all by myself, it makes me happy. But if someone else wants to join in, then by all means you're welcome to do so!

What is Hero Force One?

Hero Force One is a super-hero team established on the Pages of NeS2. They are comparable as heroes to the NeS Heroes - except that they are actually fairly competent and have an array of awesome powers that make them much more akin to legendary comic book heroes.

They are famous to the public, are supported by governments of the world (particularly the USA) and have vast, seemingly unlimited resources. They usually look down upon the NeS Heroes and 'wannabe heroes', despite all that the NeS Heroes have achieved.

Storylines are likely to be on the grandiose, over-the-top scale.

Current Cast:

Dr R. Deep


Qhobeg #2

Company Kid (Benjamin Mahir)

Magick Snowflakes


Former HFO Members:

The Patriot - K.I.A.

Citizen Rex - M.I.A.

Seraphim - Quit

Acidspitter - Quit

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