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HFO Page 1 is the first page of the Hero Force One Story which is a spin-off series of the Never-ending Story2 centred around the superhero team Hero Force One. The heroes find that the Earth is missing when they awake aboard Orbital One, the Hero Force One spacestation. However they meet with Hermes Trismegistus who informed them that in reality is was the spacestation, along with a supercluster of planets and stars, that have been relocated to the Deep Void.


The Day the Earth Went Away

HFO Post 1

Qhobeg 2, a clone of the NeS Heroes own Gebohq Simon, awoke to the sound of CynthAI sounding the alarm aboard Orbital One, the Hero Force One spacestation, because the Earth was gone[MT Ref 1]. With the introduction of the rest of the primary Hero Force One team - Dr R. Deep, Judge, Nick, Benjamin Mahir and Magick Snowflakes - Dr R. Deep, the assumed leader of the team, decided to lead the group to see the Oracle who, he hoped, would be able to reveal the secret behind Earth's disappearance[MT Ref 2]. The team must use the spacestation's transporter room in order to reach the barren planet where the Oracle resided[MT Ref 3]. Before they left, Qhobeg 2 asked Judge why she didn't just fly there, which would give her the idea of utilising her telekinetic powers as an oxygen shield in space - a function she would later use[MT Ref 4]. Unfortunately when they arrived on the planet they were instantly attacked by a fierce worm-like beast that burst from the soil.[MT Ref 3]

To deal with the worm-creature, Qhobeg decided to use his own brand of Story-wielding, a trait he gained from his original imprint Gebohq Simon, to kill the creature - having it eaten by a second, much larger beast. Amidst complaints about having to fight a bigger creature, Qhobeg decided to deal with this animal himself also - by story-wielding a yet larger beast to consume the second[MT Ref 5]. The group work as a team to defeat this massive creature. Nick, the demi-god son of Ares, distracted the creature using his super-strength - by punching it in the testicles - allowing Magick Snowflakes to plant ward all over the huge creature, using her magical power to propel herself around the beast like a flea on a dog. Judge used her telekinetic powers to try and control the beast, while also keeping a reserve in case Magick fell. Even Qhobeg used his Story-wielding productively, causing the creature to fall into a sink-hole and unable to attack. Ultimately Dr R. Deep used Magick's ward to guide a spell of his own - a gigantic, ethereal blade that stabbed the monster and killed it. We also see some "puppy love" between Nick and Magick, the two teenage members of the team[MT Ref 6].

The Oracle's Request

After defeating the creature the heroes headed up a mountain where they expected to find the Oracle in her shrine at the peak. However half-way up the Oracle came to find them and deemed that they must bring her a child before she would answer their question. Dubiously they agreed[MT Ref 6].

Meanwhile, on Earth, the change was noticed by the people when the sky suddenly went dark - as there was no longer a sun - much to the surprise of Citizen Rex in London. Citizen Rex had lost his powers and instead relied upon technological replacements to create the illusion that he was still the superhero that the people of the Earth knew and loved. However he was not that same hero and usually acted as a spokesman, rather than real hero. In order to stop Citizen Rex' secret from being known, Agent Mulligan was assigned to protect the superhero armed with a Neuralyzer[Ext Ref 1], from the Men in Black[Ext Ref 2] franchise, to force everyone to forget that Citizen Rex had no powers - which he would accidentally keep telling everyone[MT Ref 5].

While Hero Force One, and Citizen Rex, represent one portion of Hero Force, the loss of the sun marshalled the rest of the group into action - orchestrated by DelphAI. Deep in Siberia, Siberia Fourteen was activated by DelphAI contacted its old caretaker, Boris. Siberia Fourteen was but one of many that activated to send satellites into orbit which replicated the effects of the sun, beaming down heat and light. DelphAI herself was centred in a cavern under Greece where her only physical manifestation, a skull filled with cybernetics, resides. She began to contact and pull in information about the situation - discovering that the Earth itself had not, in fact, moved. Instead, as Dr Octavius revealed, the entire galaxy around the Earth had disappeared - leaving the Earth behind as the only solitary body. DelphAI asked for the assistance of The Doctor[Ext Ref 3], a character from the Doctor Who[Ext Ref 4] TV series, to investigate the Hedrons contained within Kappa Phi Delta base in Antarctica. The Hedrons are massive columns that produce ancient magic and the runes are so old that the Doctor's ship is unable to translate their meanings. When he reached Kappa Phi Delta he is introduced to Doctor X, who runs the station, and Hermes Trismegistus - with whom it is clear the Doctor has had some dealings with in the past. It was speculated that the Hedrons were acting as an anchor to tether the Earth in the event that the galaxy would be moved. However DelphAI cut their investigations short, wishing to seek out and aid Hero Force One. The Doctor used his time-machine to travel through time and space to reach Hero Force One during their mission to seek out the Oracle. With him he took Hermes Trismegistus, drafted by DelphAI to the team, and two former team mates, Acidspitter and Seraphim[MT Ref 7].

On the Oracle's planet Nick decided to sacrifice himself to the Oracle, not knowing what she wanted from him, and in return the Oracle informed Hero Force One that the Earth was where they left it. She vanished, along with Nick, leaving the team nothing but that cryptic clue. Moments later The Doctor dropped off the three new Hero Force One members and they unveiled all that had been learnt on Earth.[MT Ref 7]

As they reveal to the new members what Nick had done, Seraphim insisted that she and Judge fly to his rescue, while Dr R. Deep leads the rest of the group back to the spacestation to investigate things further. The Oracle placed Nick in the centre of a shrine that had an opening like a sink. She told him that she only needed a little of his blood then she would free him. However just as Judge and Seraphim arrived, she revealed to Nick that she had lied and she killed him - spilling his blood into the basin. The blood of a demi-god, which would open a massive Plot-hole above the pagoda and bring more of the Oracle's kind onto the planet. Even as Judge killed the Oracle in vengeance for Nick, more of her kind flooded the planet by the hundreds which forced Judge and Seraphim to retreat back to the spacestation.

Briefly back on Earth the gods, who all reside on Mount Olympus, were discussing the problem of the sky. Thoth told Athena that they should have faith in the humans to solve their problem, suggesting he may know more of their situation than Athena did. However Ares is then stricken by the feeling of his son's death. Ares went to his father, Zeus, to request that Nick be granted god-status. After some reluctance, Zeus agreed to make Nick the God of Jam Doughnuts[MT Ref 8].

When Dr R. Deep and his group arrived at the spacestation, CynthAI revealed that she had finally processed her calculations and estimated that they, and their galaxy, had been relocated into the Deep Void - a void of space beyond the edge of the universe. When Judge and Seraphim returned, they hid Nick's death from Magick Snowflakes and informed everyone else about the impending force headed towards them, the "Alien Angels" as they were dubbed. Magick, however, went to her room and checked the station's automated death reports to find Nick there[MT Ref 9].

The NeSiverse

The NeSiverse is the term used to describe all layers of reality that cohabit the single, particular continuum that gravitates around the Never-ending Story. At the edge of the NeSiverse, before reaching the Deep Void, are the Outer Galaxies. One of the outer galaxies is ruled by the god Ohgmorkoth, otherwise known as "The Big O". Fladnag the White, The Big O's advisor, revealed events happening in the Deep Void to his master. He confirmed that the alien angels were not natives of the Outer Galaxies and had travelled to the Deep Void with hostile intent. The Big O ordered that a Void Ranger ought to be sent to investigate[MT Ref 10]. Void Rangers are some of the few who can traverse to the Deep Void, and to do so they must use a specially honed mount that is capable of doing so. Lobo Ono, the many-limbed Void Ranger, uses a motorcycle. When he arrived in the Deep Void and began his investigations, he named the alien angels to be the Oracular Prophetim of Ordimar and believed that they were searching for prizes for the Seventeen Ordimarian Heavenly Circles[MT Ref 11]. Lobo Ono contacted Inquisitor Delta to request activation of the Nova Shroud as it may be necessary to prevent attracting the attention of Deep Void entities that would prove a problem. The Nova Shroud was designed to push energy from the centre of the universe into a concentrated area through portals and destroy all matter. However Lobo Ono decided that they may be able to invert the portals to, instead, create an invisibility effect around the entire supercluster[Ext Ref 5], the Laniakea Supercluster, that had been relocated into the Deep Void[MT Ref 12].

The Hero Force One team was attacked by the alien angels, who began to break apart the spacestation[MT Ref 13]. While the Heroes fought with the angels, Hermes Trismegistus used his god-like speed to call in assistance from several factions[MT Ref 14]. While the heroes waited out until backup arrived, fighting for their lives against the invading army, Dr R. Deep had to rescue Magick Snowflakes after she used up a great amount of her energy firing a massive and destructive beam into their attackers. He saved her and retreated to a secondary communications room with Acidspitter[MT Ref 15]. When help did arrive it came in the guise of many, many factions all showing up at once including dragon cataphracts, glass churches and Yoshis[Ext Ref 6], taken straight from the Super Mario[Ext Ref 7] franchise. However Hermes Trismegistus hadn't remembered that many of these groups hated each other, so as well as fighting against the Prophetim, they fought each other. Only Judge seemed to enjoy the situation as she rode one of the Yoshis into battle[MT Ref 16]. Seraphim was tasked with capturing a Prophetim alive, for which she enlisted the aid of Judge and her Yoshi[MT Ref 17].

As Benjamin Mahir was almost consumed by the nanites repairing the spacestation, Qhobeg revealed that the very same nanites almost caused the destruction of the world in a "Grey Goo"[Ext Ref 8] incident in 1986 that may have been orchestrated by a Toaster from the future. The event was stopped by Dr R. Deep who reprogrammed the nanites to be less volatile and safer for use[MT Ref 18].

Seraphim found it difficult to capture one of the Prophetim, particularly as Judge's Yoshi kept killing them, so she enlisted the aid of Flax Hyperon - space adventurer. He had joined one of the armies but was keen to impress the two beautiful women who he would then mistake as "space nuns" as they didn't fall for his "manly charm". Seraphim asked Flax Hyperon to use his seductive powers on one of the Prophetim and take her to the spacestation. Flax managed to capture a Prophetim named Azariel[MT Ref 19]. Hermes Tristmegistus interrogated Azariel, keeping her under control using a collar engraved with arcane runes. She informed Hermes that the Oracle had been waiting centuries for Nick to arrive, but the Seventeen Ordimarian Heavenly Circles had only experienced a few days. Hermes knew that the calamity outside would draw the attention of the Netherwyrms of the Deep Void and couldn't understand why the Prophetim would have risked everything - especially as they had the ability to foresee the future. Azariel revealed that the forces outside were merely the 17th Circle, and therefore the weakest. They did not fear the situation. She then revealed those responsible for more the star cluster were called R.I.T.E., The Ritual Initiating Total Eternity, but even the Prophetim couldn't detect the specific members of the group. She did know, however, that they wished to capture Netherwyrms for their own designs, and create ley lines through the Deep Void that would allow them to connect the NeSiverse to other universes. She revealed that they did this to prevent Ragnarok brought upon the NeSiverse by the "Archnemesis"[MT Ref 20].

In the Seventeen Ordimarian Heavenly Circles, the Ordimar God was waiting to open the new 18th Circle. Long ago he had sought tithes from other civilisations of the NeSiverse but had been banished to the plane of existence now known as the Seventeen Ordimarian Heavenly Circles. Though it had originally been just eleven circles. The additional Prophetim had been bred into existence using one of the most potent males in the NeSiverse - Al Ciao. Al Ciao, taken from the future, had been kept a, somewhat willing, prisoner and forced, kind of, to bred with the Prophetim[MT Ref 20].

Lobo Ono moved in on the space battle after the set up of the Nova Shroud to conceal the battlespace[MT Ref 20]. As he neared he decided he should interrogate someone within the spacestation. The station had entered orbit of the nearby planet and was drifting out of the battle, but it would only last the day until they orbited back into the fray. Dr R. Deep decided that their priority was not to ask why the cluster had been moved, it was simply to return it an ask why later. He asked CynthAI to locate any non-Earth astrophysicists that had worked on moving planetary bodies with the prospect of moving the planets back to their original locations. He also asked Acidspitter to summon Hell's demons to defend the station should it be attacked in their absence[MT Ref 21].

The Ultimate Solution to the Ultimate Problem

Hero Force One, accompanied by Flax Hyperon, take a shuttle from Orbital One and head to the planet Bungybungy, with the station and its prisoner being guarded by demons. Both Qhobeg 2 and Acidspitter felt threatened by the presence of Flax, due to the man's charisma and handsome looks. Acidspitter is assured by Judge and Magick Snowflakes that Seraphim wasn't interested in Flax. When they landed and the doors open they greeted their astrophysicist - Bill Nye the Science Guy[MT Ref 22].

However Bill Nye reveals that he is not the real Bill Nye[Ext Ref 9], but an alien using Bill Nye's form to soothe their fears. When the alien reveals its true form, they all recoil in horror and so the alien continued to use the form of Bill Nye. To solve the problem of relocation, Bill Nye devises two alternative plans. One plan was to use a Deus Ex Machine, in which a Story-Wielder's ability to create deus ex machina would be enormously amplified. Amplified enough that they could even end a Story early. However there would be great risk to the user of the Deus Ex Machine; that being Qhobeg 2.

As an alternative to risking Qhobeg 2's life, Bill Nye mentioned a device named The Reset Button, which has the power to reset an entire Story Arc to its very beginning. The team prefer the Reset Button to risking Qhobeg 2's life, however Hermes Trismegistus disagreed and explained that the Reset Button risked much more for the entire universe than just Qhobeg 2's single life. Pushing the Reset Button could result in rupture throughout the entire Story, as future Story Arcs would cease to exist. Or a Groundhog Day[Ext Ref 10] event could occur and the arc would repeat over and over.

Ultimately they decided to take all three options; get the Reset Button, build the Deus Ex Machine and try to get to the bottom of the mystery. Leaving them with multiple options and ways to fix their dilemma. Magick, however, secretly favoured using the Reset Button as she believed it would bring Nick back to life. Acidspitter revealed that the location of the Reset Button was mentioned in one of the tomes in Hell and so he and Seraphim travelled to Canada to find the information[MT Ref 23]. When Seraphim and Acidspitter arrive in Canada, Seraphim falls sick due to their traverse through the aethereal version of Hell. They trek through Canada and Acidspitter shows Seraphim some of the changes he had made to the realm, including allowing the atheists to live in the Shangri La Hotel, and allowing homosexuals to party in the Harbour Centre (which they painted in rainbow). They briefly met the flamboyant Satanist[Ext Ref 11], Liberace[Ext Ref 12], outside of a casino who told them that Che Guevara[Ext Ref 13] had been conducting numerous revolutions over and over. Eventually Acidspitter led Seraphim to the "Institut für Sexualwissenschaft", a building dedicated to sexology. Originally it had been burnt down in Nazi Germany and came to Hell, where it was then used as a front for Hell's archives beneath the sexology centre. After being traumatised by the sexology sessions, Seraphim and Acidspitter make it to the cellar and investigate the tome. Many of the most potent tomes make strange noises, such as groaning or screaming. Their particular tome, which was dedicated to information storage, hiccoughed. Although the two had been engaging in discussion of their relationship for a while, this was their first true moment to make a choice. Acidspitter suggested that they could remain there, forget Hero Force One, and stay together[MT Ref 24].

Back on Bungybungy, other members of the team had found a small beach and were relaxing as they waited for Seraphim and Acidspitter to return. However they were growing anxious because they didn't expect the two to take very long. Judge assured everyone that they were likely having make-up sex, hence the delay. Flax Hyperon, who was barely tolerated by several members of the team, was being made to lap the area in search of threats - a ruse to keep him away from everyone. Magick Snowflakes, however, took pity on him and asked him to remain with them. This prompted a brief argument between Magick and Judge. It is short lived, however, as Seraphim suddenly returned from a flaming cyclone - alone. She is visibly shaken and revealed the return of the Ever-ending Plot to the Never-ending Story. She proceeded to regale them her tale, which began just after Acidspitter's proposal that they stay behind in Hell. Acidspitter and Seraphim rekindled their relationship to a moment of passion that they may have had sex, if not for the interruption of Acidspitter's man-servant, Dave. Dave was revealed to have been a slaver in life and, as punishment, was condemned to serve others for eternity in the guise of a monstrous demon. In response to the broken moment, Judge let's slip that Seraphim has revealed many naughty secrets to Judge in the past (further suggesting a deep and long friendship between them) and that Seraphim is the naughtiest woman she's ever met regarding sex. This entertained other members of the team immensely. Back in Seraphim's memory, Dave revealed that there was an ultra-amazingly-incredibly-deadly-important message for him. When Seraphim asked why it wasn't just 'urgent', Dave revealed that Acidspitter had a habit of ignoring urgent messages. Or messages labelled 'ultra-urgent'. And messages labelled 'amazingly-ultra-urgent'. Acidspitter, who Seraphim is now revealed to call 'Spit' as a nickname, played the video message. The message showed various events that were happening throughout the main Never-ending Story2 Story Arc, Old Contracts. They saw Athena's Colosseum, filled with villains and ready for action. Then it showed the rise of a NeSferatu, Nyneve, to become the Emperor of France and aided by Potentials (Characters that represent the potential of other specific main cast characters). It showed Arkng Thand as the President of the United States of America. Then it showed Queen Maeve in London with the newly established Remembered Forces (a group of characters that were once all considered to be "Forgotten"). They are also shown a man with a mass of tentacles extending from his body, not realising that they had just seen The Last True Evil consume the Potential known as Qho Anima[MT Ref 25]. They saw Venedite, Ssylan Bhac and Mayaal fighting for supremacy, each claiming to be a Hand of the NeS. Then they finally see a group being led by a blonde woman who Acidspitter recognised to be the current Seer for the Cult of X (At this time, it was Brittica X[MT Ref 26]). When he recognised the Seer, Acidspitter believed that the entire Never-ending Story was in danger because he knew who the Cult of X truly served. Before they marched away to find out more information, Dave revealed that the message had been sent by the Pope because God, Jim7, wasn't receiving calls[MT Ref 27].

Seraphim continued to relay her tale of events to the team, through a post that was shared with the main Never-ending Story2 - linking the events of the two Stories together. Acidspitter, more commonly referred to as "Mister Nine" in NeS2 chronology, arrived in his Hellish headquarters with Seraphim. There he found Majordomo, his right-hand general, the Devil's Advocate, Mr Nine's lawyer, and The Next True Evil, who had basically been roped into being Acidspitter's secretary. Acidspitter complained about the size of the utility bills and demanded to know why they were so high. Devil's Advocate revealed that Liberace had been round, and Acidspitter decided he couldn't argue with that. It is also revealed that many demons were absent from Canada because they were generally considered to be villains and were, thus, at Athena's Colosseum where all major villains were congregated. When Seraphim entered, he divine light burnt, bit and blinded the three Hell-bound individuals and she had to control her light when surrounded by such concentrated evil. The Next True Evil referred to Seraphim as "Mrs Nine", to which Seraphim responded by throwing him from a window. When she became concerned about her actions, Acidspitter assured her that TNTE would crawl his way back just fine and mentioned that he had done it many times to TNTE also. Acidspitter wanted to talk to God, Jim7, about the situation but Jim was busy working on his go-kart track and refused to get involved. Devil's Advocate suggested that Jim7 had gotten lazier since becoming God instead of the Devil. Acidspitter then told his minions that he needed to speak with him, a being of infinite wisdom. After Majordomo mistakenly thought Acidspitter wanted to speak to Liberace, Acidspitter took Seraphim and Majordomo to meet their true target. Morthrandur, otherwise known as the "Sepulchral Phantom" in the NeS. They entered an area where they were surrounded by thick black mist and, eventually, Morthrandur revealed himself. Acidspitter couldn't say Morthrandur's name and decided, instead, to call him "Mel". He asked when the Ever-ending Plot, who the Cult of X truly serve, would arrive but Morthrandur told them that the Eep was already within the NeS, seeping through the cracks of the universe. Acidspitter had learnt that Morthrandur had kidnapped Chance, a baby of the NeS Heroes, and gave him to the Cult of X to draw in Antestarr and have him sacrificed by the Cult of X; thereby invoking the Eep to return sooner[MT Ref 28]. When asked why Morthrandur would want to bring the Eep to the NeS, Morthrandur said it was inevitable and that only when the Eep was present could the NeS Heroes defeat it. He stated that with each passing Page of the NeS, the Eep grew stronger. He informed them that many universes beyond the NeS were consumed by the Eep, and inferred that NeShattered was one such world. He indicated that the Eep would bring about "The End" of the NeS. When Seraphim mentioned that the last time the Eep was defeated was via a loophole, Gebohq Simon recreated a new NeS universe, NeS2, for them to continue into, she asked how the Eep could possibly be defeated this time. Morthrandur revealed that he had no solution to that and disappeared. Seraphim bade Acidspitter a sorrowful goodbye as she had to return to Bungybungy, but Acidspitter was needed in Hell to prepare for the coming of the Eep. And so ended Seraphim's recollection of events. However another event from the Pages of NeS2 was also relayed to the Page of HFO.

In Heaven, in Burundi, Jim7 was greeted by Archangel Bertwick who announced that he had good news to offer God. Jim7 expected news of his muchly anticipated go-karting track, but Bertwick revealed that his true news was that of a God's Advocate, mentioning that the Devil had one already and God ought to have one also. Jim7 said that he kept his own Devil's Advocate in a cupboard when he was Devil. All Jim7 had to do was to use his godly power to restore life to the deceased body. Eventually The Patriot was reborn, the one time leader of Hero Force One. Once alive again, he vowed that he was a true American and, therefore, already the ultimate advocate of God. He wanted to find his old team and was sent to the last remaining member on Earth; Citizen Rex and Agent Mulligan. Citizen Rex being the supposed replacement for The Patriot at one time[MT Ref 29].

The recollection montage is broken by the screaming of Seraphim due to her murophobia, her fear of rats. Unfortunately the rat in question was usually Benjamin Mahir. After turning back into a human, Benjamin Mahir engaged the group in a conversation about the possibility of not getting involved in the situation. He argued that the universe had existed for aeons just fine without Hero Force One to rescue it. Perhaps instead of trying to revert the course of events, they should relax and enjoy the universe's beauty. Judge and Seraphim angrily disagreed, while Qhobeg acknowledged his point but ultimately disagreed that they should do nothing as the universe was destroyed around them. The topic became a heated argument between various members and the fragile bonds of the team were exposed. Seraphim's ultimate view that they were not friends, but team mates, hurt Magick Snowflakes' idea of her own identity and her relationship with other members of the team. The moment culminated in a tense silence as Seraphim and Dr R. Deep exchanged choice words and Seraphim and Deep stared one another down. Judge managed to get Seraphim to back down, however, and the group returned to normalcy. Benjamin had a quiet word with Seraphim, trying to explain that he was truly worried that the next time the world was in danger, it would be their fault and that it would need saving from themselves[MT Ref 30].

The team went to see Bill Nye's Deus Ex Machine, which Judge believed to look like male genitalia, but was interrupted mid-sentence by the arrival of Wang, one of Bill Nye's assistants. Hermes Trismegistus was casting runes onto various parts of the machine. Initially it seemed Hermes wanted to remain, but Deep convinced him to continue travelling with them. Although Qhobeg resented the machine, he also considered it to be his and chastised Hermes for stroking it. He then flirted with Judge, suggesting that his first act with the machine would be to force all attractive, British women to go around naked all day long. Deep stated that he trusted Qhobeg not to do anything stupid with the machine. Qhobeg then said he could be trusted, because he would make his rule for all women, not jut the British ones. When Qhobeg asked Judge what she would do with the machine she insisted she would save the universe, but nobody, even Deep, believed that. Qhobeg and Judge began to playfully shove enough other but Judge, in her usual manner, sent him flying with her telekinetic power. Deep finally confessed that he always believed Judge and Qhobeg were meant for each other and that their fighting was always a guise for their attraction. As a reward, Judge sent even Dr R. Deep flying up into the sky for several hours[MT Ref 31].

Aboard Orbital One, Lobo Ono had arrived and found Azariel tied up. Azariel had hoped he wouldn't recognise the inhibitor collar she was wearing, but he did and knew she couldn't see the future with it on. She attempted to trick him into believing she could see the future and that he would release her but when that failed she tried to use her sex appeal to get him to let her go. They engaged in a series of question and answers that Azariel was reluctant to give straight answers to and Lobo Ono indulged her in giving answers to her own questions. However Lobo Ono still didn't learn why the cluster was moved. The interrogation was interrupted when CynthAI offered Lobo Ono tea and biscuits. When Azariel asked for some, CynthAI refused because she was naughty. When Lobo Ono's scanners spied a shuttle docking, Lobo Ono tried to communicate with CynthAI by calling her "Computer". After refusing to answer the name, CynthAI finally confirmed that Hero Force One were back aboard and that he was invited to Command to meet them and have crumpets[MT Ref 31]. When Lobo Ono reached Command, he found only Benjamin Mahir and no signs of anyone else. When he believed Benjamin was holding back answers, Lobo Ono thought a threat would scare him into answering and pulled out his pistols. Benjamin panicked and transformed into a rat. Like Seraphim, Lobo Ono also has murophobia and started shooting. When his shots began, Hero Force One attacked. Judge lowered her shield that blocked their presence, much like the Nova Shroud, but was worn out from this tactic. Seraphim attacked first, but was quickly put down by all six pistols whipping into her. As Dr R. Deep attacked with his blades, Magick Snowflakes blasted Lobo Ono with her wind magic and sent the alien flying against a wall. Flax Hyperon, apparently a walking trope, was able to stand in the middle of the room and return the occasional laser blast at Lobo Ono, who had now opened fire with all six pistols, and didn't get shot. He told the women to hide behind him because, if he did get shot, he would only be wounded in the shoulder. Only Magick took his advice and she tried to use sleep magic on Lobo Ono, but she didn't know anything of his physiology and the spell did nothing. Lobo Ono leapt through the air, using his four legs, and stamped on Flax who landed on Magick and they were both out. When he then tried to fire on Qhobeg, however, he found he suddenly ran out of bullets. Which was strange because he didn't have bullets. Qhobeg had, of course, used his Story-wielding and gun tropes. Qhobeg then drew his own sword which he called The One Sword to Rule Them All. As both Qhobeg and Deep attacked, Lobo Ono threw a grenade. Judge, however, managed to charge her strength enough to shield the blast of the explosive. As he tried to escape, Lobo Ono came face to face with Seraphim who headbutted him in one of his heads. She then thumped him and while he felt pain, his body armour hurt Seraphim more than it hurt him and he was able to escape while she recovered[MT Ref 32]. After escaping, Hermes addressed Lobo Ono about his situation and Lobo Ono understood that he'd made a mistake in confronting Hero Force One with violence. Hermes asked Lobo Ono what he knew of the group R.I.T.E.. Lobo Ono had not realised that they were behind the current situation but relayed his understanding of the group; they were obsessed with possessing powerful artefacts that could be used for conquest yet the group had not attempted any such thing as yet. One agent for R.I.T.E. was the HorseGod, god of all horses, from Earth itself. Hermes found this difficult to believe as the HorseGod has always been considered an inept oaf and a comic relief Character. Hermes confided that he believed they should actually assist R.I.T.E. in their plans, much to Lobo Ono's surprise[MT Ref 33].

Elsewhere, back in the thick of battle, it appeared that one of the many factions was emerging victorious; the Dracophracts of the Dérkesthai. Supreme Dragonlord Riaken, leader of the dracophracts and the ruler of his people of the Dragon Worlds, stands within his citadel that is mounted to the back of a gigantic space-dragon. Riaken was described as being half-Dérkesthai and half-angel, so that he has both a feathered angelic wing and a leathery dragon-like wing. He was joined by Draco-Qhobeg, yet another clone of Gebohq Simon but this time spliced with dragon DNA. He acts as vizier to Riaken. Draco-Qhobeg informed Riaken that satellites were concealing the supercluster from the sight of the Netherwyrms, which Riaken had arrived for. Riaken used a crystal orb to view the situation and decided that the meddlesome actions of Lobo Ono and his Nova Shroud actually worked in Riaken's favour as he could engage the Netherwyrms without collateral damage to the worlds of the supercluster. Riaken set out to gain control of the Netherwyrms personally[MT Ref 33].

Creation of the NeSiverse

At the beginning of the NeSiverse, there was a large space-port city named Mega Jonestown Prime. The CopyrightGod refused to allow the city to be named Atlantis[Ext Ref 14] (Although the NeS would later have its own Atlantis) or Numenor[Ext Ref 15] due to copyright infringement. When the Narrator suggested that Mega Jonestown Prime was ruled by "Twelve God-Kings", the FeministGoddess argued that was sexist and the term was altered to Twelve God-Monarchs. The Twelve God-Monarchs resided at the top of a central nameless mountain in the city. Many attempted to destroy the gods, steal their possessions or conquer their lands, but all efforts were futile. Until a stranger arrived one day[MT Ref 34], who would later be revealed as Highemperor from the future(citation needed). Though he left with nothing after he had an audience with the gods, the very next day the entirety of Mega Jonestown Prime had disappeared. Vanished forever, which would later be revealed to be the God-Monarchs themselves trying to protect themselves from Highemperor (citation needed). Even with the disappearance of Mega Jonestown Prime, visitors to the NeSiverse continued and in its place rose the Cosmic Customs House. The Cosmic Customs House checks inter-dimensional passports and regulates applicable taxes. Standing behind the desk was a woman whose translator name-tag displayed the name "Fruit" to any being from a world without apples. Her true name is "Apple", but she usually goes by the name Chronos. This Chronos was from the near-future and had travelled back to fulfil a certain mission. After dealing with one visitor who suggests tentacle-sex with her, Fruit had to deal with a visitor from Discharding, a steam-punk[Ext Ref 16] universe. Marquis Rosslefot of Discharding informed Chronos that he was an inventor of steam-punk technologies, but that he was very interested in non-steam-punk technology, including magic, from other universes. Fruit allowed him to pass through without paying any fees and, after he was gone, she contacted her fellow agents of R.I.T.E., informing them that a new asset was on the way. She used her R.I.T.E. codename; Tempus and spoke to Home[MT Ref 34].

On the planet Tatooine, named similarly to the Star Wars[Ext Ref 17] planet of Tatooine[Ext Ref 18], is the capital world of The Big O. There, Grand Duke Diggleton of Discharding was beseeching Fladnag the White to ask The Big O to search for the missing inventor Marquis Rosslefot of Discharding. After arguing the point, Fladnag the White threatens Rosslefot with direct involvement from The Big O - that being negative involvement. Rosslefot left when others arrived seeking an audience. Dora, the alien secretary, informed Fladnag that several gods had were all seeking an audience and Fladnag asked her to send them all in at once. Amongst them were the Eternal Pantheon - Eternius, the Supreme Omnarrator, the PublisherGod, CensorGod, CopyrightGod, EditorGod, CharacterGod, HorseGod and the WriterGod. Cosmic Deities were also present - Fladnag the White, the Three Fates, Memnoch, The Runekeeper, Aeon and Phractal. Finally some Terran Deities were also present. These were individuals not worshipped as gods, but rather they held some supreme influence over the Earth and its mechanics. Of the group there was Chronos, Morthrandur, Arkng Thand, Serapharch and High Imp. Jim Seven, who was God on Earth, should have been present but he sent Archangel Bertwick in his stead. Hermes Trismegistus was also present, using his powerful superspeed to rush between Tatooine and Orbital One, giving him a flickering appearance. They had all gathered because of the changes taking place in the NeSiverse; mainly the direction of the Story. The original Never-ending Story and The Never-ending Story2 were confined, largely, to the Earth. Meaning that the power of the NeSiverse gods was fairly limited to the Earth. However due to Britt the Writer and Al Ciao the Writer, the scope of the Story had expanded well beyond Earth. This caused friction between the Cosmic Deities and the Eternal Pantheon. They then began to recant how they created the universe in a long scene of exposition. The Runekeeper had created the ley lines of magic and the stars, the Three Fates created destiny, Aeon created time. Together, blessed by the Twelve God-Monarchs, they worked together and all ley lines converged on a specific planet that they named Earth. There they were to build Mega Jonestown Prime there. The most potent area of Earth was named Eden and there the "First Man", Arkng Thand, awoke. However then the Ancient One arrived, with his Ring of Ultimate Writing Power, and took control of the Earth by creating narrative destiny. He created his own mega city, Atlantis, a lineage known as The Illuminohqi and The Never-ending Story itself. Then the Eternal Pantheon joined the Ancient One, but their powers were limited by his presence. The Ancient One was bound to the Earth alone due to a pact he made with Fladnag the White, on behalf of The Big O[MT Ref 35].

However the deities were left wondering what had changed, how the Story had been expanded away from Earth. Chronos and Aeon admired how Mega Jonestown Prime had become such an important and prosperous location because the NeS was due to exist; meaning that the city had become famous prior to the reason it ought to have been famous. At this the two time-controllers fist-bumped. But moments later then turned away from each other is disgust, temporarily forgetting that they hated each other. Arkng Thand then displayed a holographic video that played out. In the video Arkng Thand was with the Ancient One in Deitopos, Thand's home in the Dreamstate. Thand assured the Ancient One that the story no longer required the Ancient One's presence as it had taken life of its own. Ancient One looked out at the Story Realm and then died peacefully. Few watching the video noticed Thand then take the Ring of Ultimate Writing Power from the Ancient One. The rest were shocked that the Ancient One had died many Pages ago. The deities were all conflicted on how to proceed as some of them wanted to retain the former rules, while others were happy with the change. Those that wished to halt the change demanded that Fladnag get The Big O to deal with Britt and Al Ciao the Writers. Fladnag informed them that The Big O was too busy. When Hero Force One was mentioned, the Fates knew that the new Story revolved around them. The CensorGod told how everyone ought to fear Britt and Al Ciao the Writers and the potential destruction their writing may inflict upon the NeSiverse if not controlled. Morthrandur affirmed that the Writers were best dealt with through their Characters - Hero Force One. Hermes suggested that the deities ought to look into the group known as R.I.T.E. as they may hold the key to Britt and Al Ciao the Writers' plans. High Imp then remembered that Hermes himself was considered a member of Hero Force One[MT Ref 35]. The deities then ponder why they were allowing mere Writers to determine events as they considered themselves to be above the Writers themselves. Each passed the blame to the next until EditorGod said that he could control the situation through Gebohq the Writer, the de facto editor of the Writers' Realm. Thand, however, reasoned that Gebohq the Writer may make things even worse[MT Ref 36].

Back on Orbital One, Hero Force One were discussing their next course of action when Hermes told them they should keep the supercluster where it was. When Qhobeg, in retort, asked Hermes what he had been smoking, Hermes gave a straight-forward answer not realising the question was rhetorical. When Lobo Ono used the word "Mage" to refer to Hermes, he accidentally attracted the attention of Magick, Hermes and Dr R. Deep. He then asked Hermes why he was flickering. Hermes admitted that he was also having a conversation Tatooine, which Ben protested wasn't real only to learn that it was a different world than the Star Wars reference. He told Lobo Ono to expect a call from his boss, which then happened and Fladnag the White ordered Lobo Ono to investigate R.I.T.E.. Seraphim asked about the Netherwyrms, but Lobo Ono assured her that the Nova Shroud would keep them safe. Suddenly High Imp appeared and Hermes introduced him as the newest member of the Hero Force One team. When Deep asked why he should agree to this, Hermes told him that High Imp had the Ordimarian Devil on speed dial[MT Ref 35]. Deep then declared that Judge would be the official new team leader, the eventual replacement for Citizen Rex (who was a replacement for The Patriot(citation needed)). Judge protested. She argued that she didn't have the qualifications to hold such a role and that Seraphim would be better suited. She also reminded Deep that the United States of America wouldn't hold much faith in a non-American leading a team that was, primarily, American despite its later worldwide status. Deep assured her she was perfect and that he would support her. He then needed to speak privately with Ben, while Qhobeg tried to remember where he had met High Imp before - which was Stonehenge (citation needed). During their private meeting, Deep confessed that the team was somewhat out of its league as it was resorting to "Narrative Theory" as fact with the Deus Ex Machine. Although Ben was far less convinced by the idea of the Never-ending Story being an actual story, even Deep and other team members were not entirely convinced of, what they called, "narrative theory". Being in denial, Deep deemed that Ben would be able to keep them all grounded. Ben tried to argue that he didn't like his role as Company Kid, but his complaints fell on deaf ears. To himself, Ben whined that he should have stayed in the sewers and never come out[MT Ref 36]. Qhobeg questioned who gave Hermes authority over the group and Seraphim agreed that High Imp was not to be trusted. Judge then announced that they would resume the search for the Reset Button. When Qhobeg asked who died and made Judge the boss, she responded with Deep. This shocked Qhobeg as he thought Deep must be dead. Despite Hermes assurances that they wouldn't need it, Judge reasoned that they had no idea what R.I.T.E. would do with the supercluster after they were finished with their task. If they'd bother to return it at all. Judge believed the Reset Button could either be used by Hero Force One or used as trade with R.I.T.E. to return the cluster. When Qhobeg gave her a backhanded compliment for her thoughts, she sent him on laps of the station with Yoshi chasing him. Seraphim knew the location of the Reset Button from the archives in Hell that she'd seen with Acidspitter[MT Ref 37].

In a space-bar of a station orbiting Tatooine, Chronos froze time to meet with the HorseGod. The HorseGod told Chronos that he had heard of her wish to capture a specific powerplayer, referring to Highemperor[MT Ref 37]. Highemperor had previously been imprisoned by Chronos for his crimes, but he had escaped from his prison(citation needed). HorseGod explained that Highemperor was planning an invasion and that R.I.T.E. needed assets to help them defeat Highemperor. Chronos eventually agreed to the terms and HorseGod gave her the codename Tempus. She remarked it was a stupid codename and concealed nothing of her identity. HorseGod informed her that his own codename was "Neighbour", not realising the pun.

Wayne's World

Meanwhile, Hero Force One landed on a city rooftop of Wayne's Word, named after the popular Wayne's World[Ext Ref 19] movie. Judge announced that the countryside didn't exist there except a metaphysical concept of "otherness". This is because the planet was one gigantic 90s pop culture references. They briefly saw four shadows of human shaped turtles run by, referring to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles[Ext Ref 20]. [MT Ref 37].

Flax Hyperon used a sci-fi device, inspired by Star Trek[Ext Ref 21], to locate the device in the opposite building in the forty-second floor. Judge used her telekinetic power to throw Qhobeg across the gap and through the glass of the forty-second floor. Magick Snowflake then leapt from the building, shouting Cowabunga as another reference to the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles, and used her magical power to then divert herself through the smashed window of the opposite building. She found Qhobeg in a lump on the floor and insisted that this meant Judge liked him. He responded that he couldn't feel his spleen. Seraphim and High Imp were able to fly in and High Imp hoped things wouldn't always be so easy, which Seraphim affirmed. Flax was then sent flying into the room but, unlike Qhobeg, he landed far more gracefully. Before they could search for the Reset Button they were confront by several young men wearing Power Gloves[Ext Ref 22], a classic piece of gaming hardware from the 90s, and sunglasses. The power gloves were able to emit pixelated images of either power or objects. Magick rose a wall of ice to defend them from the pixelated energy waves but it soon began to crack. Dr R. Deep then hurtled through the window, propelled by telekinesis, and his own raw magic. He smashed through the ice and attacked one of the power gloves grunts. High Imp stormed through the gap in the ice but was hit by several pixelated arrows. He shook them off and also attacked. The leader of the power glove grunts, differentiated by his removal of his shades, then took out another device. The Dragon Dagger[Ext Ref 23] from the hit TV show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers[Ext Ref 24], which summoned the Dragonzord[Ext Ref 25]. The dragonzord took a bite out of the building, taking away the wall and much of the floor. This caused Qhobeg to fall and Judge leapt after him, which Magick decided was proof she loved Qhobeg. She is heard shouting that it doesn't prove anything as she fell after him[MT Ref 38].

Qhobeg, as he fell, realised that the Dragonzord in the original show came from the ocean and that there was no ocean nearby. He therefore Strory-Wield the Dragonzord out of existence through a Plot Hole. He was, however, still falling to his death and he decided he would Story-Wield himself back to the top. However he is then frozen in time by Chronos, who appeared to chastise Qhobeg for considering changing time. Aeon then appeared and claimed that Chronos was out of her jurisdiction away from Earth but Chronos claimed they were on a planet all about Earth pop culture so it counted. Qhobeg asked that they leave so he could be saved. They did and he was instantly caught by Judge who always seemed to be saving him[MT Ref 39].


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