The Great Eiyill is a spacestation that orbits the planet Tress and was constructed as an offensive platform to open war upon the Jovian Republic. However peace has reigned upon the planet, split between the Jovians and The Imperium, and so the weapons of the spacestation have been turned away from the planet as a symbol of trust.



The space fortress named the Great Eiyill is orbiting the planet Tress. Its cannons once faced the planet's surface but ten (Earth years) ago the cannons were inverted to aim out into space as a gesture of faith towards the Jupiterians. It has a dome section that faces the planet named The Gazer. The space fortress itself is one of the largest and most monstrous constructs of the Milky Way Galaxy, far exceeding the requirements of war for most of the natives of this area of the Multiverse[Tales 1].


The Gazer

The Gazer is a dome that constantly faces the planet Tress. It is colloquially named 'The Gazer' as visitors and tourists usually spent their time observing the planet. There are two tiers to the dome, the lower tier being the viewing platform while the upper tier has a bar[Tales 1].


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