Template:LocationGalen's Universe refers to the, otherwise unnamed, universe that featured as the setting for Memnoch's backstory as Galen, the Shepard of Life and Death. A solitary location is seen, this being the location that Galen conducts his work. Highemperor first built his hedrons here with Galen's permission. When the Cosmic Destructors obliterated the universe, it would later be built ontop of by an unknown entity that created the NeSiverse.



The solitary location described within the universe is a hill mounted by a gigantic clockface. Thunder strikes the skies but the ticking of the immense clock can be heard over it. Galen's position is to stand beneath the clock. When Highemperor arrived he created his thirteen hedrons on a plot of land just beyond the hill[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse

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Galen's Universe existed long before the NeSiverse and there Galen acted as shepherd over the souls of the universe. Highemperor, able to time-travel from the NeSiverse, entered this universe so that he could create his hedrons there. Eventually, however, the universe was obliterated by the Cosmic Destructors, leaving nothing but the hedrons and the "lie" - that being Galen himself. Ultimately an unknown being created a new universe where the ashes of the old lay, that being the NeSiverse[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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