Template:CharacterFrankie Burton is a Time Cop for the Time Enforcement Agency and was one of the very first members of the organisation, along with KickArse and Rain. She is also one of the very few that knows the true identity of the Mystery Person in charge of the T.E.A.. She has special powers over the night, including darkness and the moon. She once tried to stop a Super Secret Time-Travelling Agency member from completing his mission, which was also her first true mission as a Time Cop. The mission was a failure but, at that time, they didn't know of the existence of the S.S.T.T.A..



"[Frankie Burton] wore a black dress, with a lot of fanciful lace and a green jewel between her breasts. Over it she had a black-tweed jacket that has a tight waist-cut. That waist was maintained by a black leather corset she decided to wear on the outside of her dress. Her black hair was cast upwards until it then streamed over her shoulders in curls, a popular style amongst much younger Victorian women. She did look quite a bit younger if not for the flecks of grey that were spread throughout her barnet." ~ NeS2, NeS2 Page 4, Post 1920[MT Ref 1].



Powers & Talents





Notes & Inconsistencies

"The general idea for Frankie Burton came from the real life Victorian hero, Richard Francis Burton[Ext Ref 1]. The real Burton died long enough the date that the Christmas Special took place so a whole new character was created instead. Burton's adventurous persona flowed through the character but everything else wound up being entirely unique. Her powers were inspired by the various goddesses of the night and/or moon, particularly Nyx[Ext Ref 2] and Luna[Ext Ref 3]. It may be that her powers derive from those gods but hasn't yet been expressly determined." ~ Britt the Writer


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