Fladnag the White is the grand vizier for The Big O, and formerly of the 12 God-Monarchs. He serves as the primary administrator of the cosmos while the de facto ruler, The Big O, lives his life of hedonism away from actual ruling. He operates out of Tatooine where he takes audiences most of the days from cosmic beings from across the NeSiverse. He is generally calm and intelligent but also very boring. He works tirelessly and is forever reluctant to take any kind of break.



Fladnag's appearance is openly said to be the same as Gandalf[Ext 1] the wizard from The Lord of the Rings[Ext 2]. Unlike Gandalf, however, he wears a microphone on his collar to communicate with the receptionist, Dora, in the waiting room. Despite being 'the white' his robes are actually grey, stained from the sand of Tatooine[Pan 1].


Fladnag knows his limitations and is almost always unlikely to get into fights with others. He almost always sees more to a situation than those around him thanks to his administrative mind. He recognises that he is the only person capable of doing his job thanks to his infinite patience[Pan 1].


Administrative Mind

Fladnag has an administrative mind that allows him to think many steps ahead of everyone else. Thus he will know an outcome before anyone else does and is prepared for it[Pan 1].



Fladnag has a secretary outside of the throne room on Tatooine who is named Dora. She informs visitors of their respective turns to meet with Fladnag[Pan 1].


Highemperor and Soriel's Adventures in SPAAAAAACE!!!

Highemperor and Soriel arrived on Tatooine where the de facto ruler of the NeSiverse, The Big O, resided in his palace and lived a life of hedonism. Highemperor arrived with the intention of defeating The Big O and taking his throne but he discovered that Big O doesn't care about ruling at all and had already given the job to Fladnag the White, his grand vizier. Fladnag put up no resistance and allowed Highemperor to take over, knowing that Highemperor would come crawling back eventually. Highemperor's supplicants arrived immediately, the first being Runekeeper who was seeking information about the god of magic on Earth. Highemperor is unable to help and dismisses Runekeeper. Runekeeper, however, is not the only one with a problem that Highemperor cannot solve and the new emperor of the NeSiverse became exasperated. Highemperor tried to delegate Soriel to become his grand vizier and do the job but Soriel warned him that he'd end up beheading most of the applicants. Highemperor called Fladnag back and returned power to him and Big O and, instead, would go off to make his own empire and get some experience ruling[Pan 1].


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