A fiend is a creature closely associated with demons and derives from hell on Earth. They can, like demons, be invoked by those practised in summoning, such as through the arcane magicks. They are a lower order of Hellspawn, allowing summoners to summon many of them all at once.



Semievil accidentally summoned twenty-seven fiends, along with many other Hellspawn beings, when frustrated. He used fire-elementals, which he also accidentally summoned, to kill the fiends and the demons[NeS1 1].


Britt's Commentary

"When Semievil333 the Writer originally introduced fiends into his post, they were likely based loosely on either the term 'fiend[Ext 1]' in Dungeons & Dragons[Ext 2], which essentially just means 'demon', or on the various fiend kinds within the EverQuest[Ext 3] video game, such as the conniving fiend[Ext 4]." ~ Britt the Writer


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