Fayrie is the name of a species of magical beings that reside throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. Most of them are under the Fayrie King and are a part of The Imperium. They are human-like in body but they all have equine heads, such as a zebra. They are a dying species as they have become highly dependent on the A.I. known as Monde, which governs every aspect of their lives.



Fayries appear human from the neck down, so they have a torso with two arms and two legs. Their heads, however, are equine, such as a donkey head[Pan 1]. Their bodies are especially hairy, with human-like hair, that will grow thick, even on hands and fingers[Pan 2].


Fayrie King

The fayries have a long-standing monarchy with the Fayrie King at the very top[Pan 1].


The Fayrie kingdom is much like a corporation that produces and sells magical fuel from aether rich planets across the Milky Way Galaxy[Pan 1].

Technology Equality

The fayries do not allow civilisations with equal technology level to their own to study their secrets or use their own technology, such as the Jupiterians[Pan 2].



Main article: Nerifian

Nerifian was a secretary to the Fayrie King during the Medieval Period. He met with dignitaries of Space Britain, including its own King Arthur[Pan 1].

Fayrie King

Main article: Fayrie King

The fayries are governed by a Fayrie King[Pan 1].


Space Camelot

Prince Oberon

Prince Oberon and his wife, Titania, led a human and Aes Sidhe group from Earth into space. They travelled to Uranus and Neptune where they found the fayries. The fayries already had advanced technology and magic but the travellers from Earth had even more and shared their knowledge with the fayries, including orichalcum. For unknown reasons, they were forced to abandon one of their snowflake ships in the upper atmosphere of Neptune[Pan 3].

The Imperium

At some point the fayries joined The Imperium and were given the Dream Gate to terraform Neptune as well as the Monde technology. Unfortunately this also led to the over reliance on Monde and, therefore, the steady decline in population due to lack of independent motivation[Pan 2].

King Arthur

New travellers from Earth, in the form of King Arthur and his Space Britain, arrived on Uranus with a representative of Jupiter, Admiral Ltexi[Pan 1]. The Fayrie King met with them and showed them to Monde and the aether processors[Pan 2]. The Fayrie King then took King Arthur through the Dream Gate to Neptune to show him the mysterious snowflake ship that was left behind by Prince Oberon's party[Pan 3].


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