The Evil World Leader Organisation is an organisation put together by several villains of the Never-ending Story. These villains make arrangements, agreements and pacts between each other that will benefit themselves or hinder their enemies, usually the NeS Heroes or Hero Force One. Specifically the members of the group must be world leaders, meaning they control a portion of the world directly. Other villains may be present or privy to information if they are subordinates to any official member. Some members may not necessarily be evil but could be considered antagonistic towards the heroes, or possibly are invited as honorary members. Membership of the group has changed dramatically over the Pages.


Current Members

Honorary Members

Former Members


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Little is known of the exact origins of the organisation but its first mention is during The Fight of the Century of the Week Story Arc when Arbiter, then a member of the organisation, saw Semievil enter Ares' Colosseum. He was surprised to see Semievil there and made note that he would have to speak with Dr Evil, Semievil's father, at the next meeting of the Evil World Leader Organisation[NeS1 1].


Never-ending Story 1 References

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