Euryale Gorgon was one of the three Gorgon sisters who was once transformed into a beast by Athena due to their disrespect. Unhappy with her own actions, however, Athena led the hero Perseus on his quest to slay Medusa and when he cut Medusa down she transformed into a pegasus. When he slew the remaining sisters, Stheno and Euryale, they were restored to their human selves and went to live their lives as normal.



She wears a dress, which is long enough that it must be hoisted off the ground. She has long, blonde hair, a narrow face with sharp cheekbones and eyes that were large and bright[Leg 1].




Greek Legends



Britt's Commentary

"The Gorgon sisters are very loosely based on their original counterparts from Greek Mythology[Ext 1]; Stheno[Ext 2], Euryale[Ext 3] and Medusa[Ext 4]." ~ Britt the Writer


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