Template:CharacterEchidna is an ancient and powerful dragon, said to be the first of all dragons of the Multiverse. She has birthed many dragonkin over the aeons. Highemperor used his PowerPlaying skills to better a rival, Baron von Britt, in wooing by seducing the ultimate dragon. She was so enamoured with him that she bedded him, making Highemperor the father of many of the first dragons.



She's described as having piercing talons and has an inner flame. While she is now aeons old, Highemperor time-travelled to see her when she was more youthful[Pan 1].


She initially looks down upon Highemperor as a human, considering him to be a "morsel", and doesn't believe that he could present himself as a worthy suitor. After he does, however, charm her with song she becomes sexually dominant[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse

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When Highemperor must woo a lady of Discharding, the Ex-Marquis Rosslefot informs Highemperor that the task will be very difficult because he would have to prove himself to be charming enough. He tells the tale of Baron von Britt being so charming as to woo a dragon even. Highemperor decides he can use his PowerPlaying to cheat and one-up this rival. He searches for the most supreme dragon, that being Echidna the first of dragons across the Multiverse. When he first sees her through a portal he sees her older and already a mother to many. Instead he switches time to see her in her youth and he travels to meet her. She is sceptical when he proposes that he would be able to woo her but she becomes enamoured after he charms her with song. She becomes sexually dominant and has sex with him, sleeping with satisfaction afterwards. Highemperor thus becomes father of dragons[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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