Dusty is a Peacekeeper for The Imperium and is a being coated in Dust. This allows him powers over fate, both viewing and manipulating it. He earned the nickname Dusty from Iskendriel after it was decided that nobody could possibly pronounce his name.



Though his original species is unknown, he does, at least, resemble a humanoid. His figure is much like a haze of smoke, becoming more tangible around the face and chest while his arms and legs float in and out of their physical form[Tales 1].


He dislikes being called Dusty but he has resigned himself to it[Tales 2]. He becomes especially annoyed by Iskendriel when she questions his usefulness[Tales 1].





Dusty is able to read fate, allowing him to check future events or simply locate where people are[Tales 2]. However if there has been too much substantial fate in one area, such as the planet Necrill, then it can become too difficult to read the threads of fate because those threads are knotted[Tales 1].




Tales from The Imperium

The Peacekeepers

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Dusty was assigned to a team alongside Iskendriel and their first, simple, mission was to protect The Lamb from a Time-Lock. The group used The Kracker to travel out of The Fracture to The Lamb where they had to plant reality stabilisers to protect the ship from being trapped in time. Iskendriel decided that nobody could possibly pronounce his real name so she nicknamed him Dusty, despite his protests, and the name stuck. After he confirmed that Ameryl, the ship's captain, was no longer onboard he had to read the progress of fate to ensure that the reality stabilisers were all in place before they reached the event horizon of the Time-Lock[Tales 2]. Another mission saw Dusty arrive on the planet Necrill in the Myst Sector after the disappearance of an Imperium settlement there. He tried to scry the fate of the town but was unable to get an accurate reading because the threads of fate were knotted due to time-travelling and so many past civilisations on the planet. Iskendriel was annoyed and chastised him for being useless. Instead they would return to the town of Kildare where Dr Lawrence Carroll was trying another means of discovering the answers[Tales 1].


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