A Dream Gate is part of a portal network for The Imperium. A Dream Gate connects many Imperium worlds via a hub.



They are massive circular gates with a shimmering portal at the centre[Tales 1]. They are all created from orichalcum. As entities approach the gate from the platform beneath, which is a slope, the invisible gate will begin to shimmer[Pan 1].

Neptune & Uranus Gates

The specialised Dream Gates on Uranus and Neptune are massive and rectangular[Pan 1].



The portals are slips in real-space which take people out of reality and transform them into astral constructs[Pan 1].

Dream Hub

The Dream Hub is an area beyond space-time that leads to a lot of portals that can be taken to other Dream Gates throughout The Imperium. There is a statue of EMPEROR at the centre of the Dreidos Dream Hub[Tales 1].


Uranus & Neptune

A special Dream Gate was set up between Neptune and Uranus of the Solar System so that the aether found on Uranus would travel through the gate to Neptune and effectively terraform Neptune into a duplicate of Uranus. Eventually Neptune became capable of producing its own magical ecosystem[Pan 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Originally I used the concept of the Dream Gate on another dream-related forum, hence the name. I then reapplied the concept to NeS and included the hub, which is a new feature for the gate system." ~ Britt the Writer.


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