Deus Ex Machine
Hero Force
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Function To exponentially expand the capabilities of Story-wielding individuals.
Creator Bill Nye
Past Owners Bill Nye

The Deus Ex Machine is an obelisk-like machine constructed both with science and with magic that allows a Character with Story-wielding powers to exponentially expand their ability. Many have been made throughout history. The earliest machines known were created by the time-travelling Highemperor when he made a series of them for some unknown future purpose. These would later be known as the Hedrons and were discovered on Earth, though incomplete. Other Deus Ex Machines are unknown save for the creation of an entirely new one by the shape-shifting alien that goes by the name of Bill Nye. He created, with the help of Hermes Trismegistus, an entirely new Deus Ex Machine on behalf of Hero Force One. Qhobeg 2 would use the machine to return the Laniakea Supercluster to its former position in the cosmos after it was moved by the mysterious organisation known as R.I.T.E.. Unfortunately the machine took too much effort to use and though he was able to return the supercluster, Qhobeg was knocked into a coma and may never awaken.

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