Template:LocationDeitopos is the hidden home of Arkng Thand within the Dreamstate. It is a gigantic tower that looks like a twisted tree made of stone.

The Study

The study is a room in which Arkng Thand would tend to plot or research. It is located close to the very top of the twisted tower. It has a plush, high-backed chair behind an ornate desk. The walls of the cozy room are lined with bookshelves and there is a large fireplace. The door to the room is wood-panelled and stands opposite the desk. There is a stone-arched window that looks out across the Dreamstate. On the other side of the room, sandwiched between two bookcases, is a tiny balcony barely capable of holding a single person. This is also the room in which Thand will practice the NeS Tarot and the room in which he can summon Bernard the Pidgeon.

Notes & Inconsistencies


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