The Darke Spawn are alien creatures that are able to slow or freeze time to allow them an easier hunt. They are intelligent but non-social beings that would eat most intelligent beings of the Multiverse. They give birth by hatching their young within the bodies of other living things. Though they possess a torso and four limbs, like any humanoid, they are considered grotesque by human standards.



They are incredibly tall, much taller than the average human, and have a thin body that ends with a long, thin tail. They have long heads that bare a maw filled with sharp teeth and two elongated fangs that drip with saliva. Two bat-like wings spread from their backs and their skin looks like wet leather and claws are like blades[Tales 1].



They are capable of freezing time within their proximity to allow for easier hunting. They can tear a person apart and eat them while they are trapped by time, already consumed when time resumes[Tales 1].


The Imperium

Seen as a dire threat to its populace, The Imperium turned their own world of Deidos into molten slag when it became host to the Darke Spawn[Tales 1].


Britt's Commentary

"Originally introduced to NeS as the Alien xenomorph[Ext 1] from the Alien[Ext 2] franchise, I retconned them slightly to have time powers and wings. I also named them Darke Spawn after the Darkspawn[Ext 3] from Dragon Age[Ext 4] series." ~ Britt the Writer.


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