Dark Aether is a variant of aether with very unique properties that specifically result in forms of 'dark magic'. It is found in large concentrations in small pockets, usually. Dark aether can be planted within objects where it can dark on life forces from without, such as Wolf's Trenchcoat.



When in its concentrated form, to the naked eye it appears as nothing except darkness[NeS1 1].



Dark Aether acts like a void-like vacuum with nothing within it; no light, no air. It displaces the physical world with itself[NeS1 1].


Wolf's Trenchcoat

Main article: Wolf's Trenchcoat

Wolf, a renowned evil martial artist, wore a long, dark trenchcoat[NeS1 2]. This coat contained dark aether, which allowed him to pull someone inside the coat where his body had been displaced by the dark aether. Within that vacuum he could have suffocated someone, but Maybelle Child, so wielded light magic, was able to cause an explosion that blasted apart the dark aether and Wolf[NeS1 1].


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