Danaë was the Grecian mother to Perseus after she was impregnated by Zeus while he was turned into a golden shower. The nature of this pregnancy has led many to believe Zeus urinated on her, which she firmly denies. After her husband, a fisherman, died, his brother, King Polydectes, sought to force her to marry him instead but she was saved from this fate by Perseus and Medusa.



Danaë was brown-haired and olive skinned with a toga of blue and white and she kept her hair held up. She maintained her youthful appearance throughout her later years[Leg 1].


Although Danaë is a woman of ancient Greece and subject to male dominance, she is stubborn and will make a stand wherever she can. She is always adamant that she was never urinated on by Zeus and that he was a shower of gold. She is easily disgusted by references of a sexual nature[Leg 1].


Greek Legends

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Britt's Commentary

"Polydectes is based on the Polydectes[Ext 1] from the story of Perseus[Ext 2], including his forcible marriage to Danaë[Ext 3] and his ultimate demise turning to stone. Like the original Danaë, Zeus[Ext 4] turned into a golden shower to impregnate her with Perseus." ~ Britt the Writer


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