Template:CharacterCount Desmond, once simply dubbed "The Commander" and later as Tiarna Des-Mhumhain, was a legionnaire commander of the Roman Empire. However he was turned in to a NeSferatu by "DEATH" during a plot to kill him by GEBEVIL Simonius. Britt and Nyneve, who had been accidentally signed up into the legion, looked up to him but he would later turn Nyneve into a NeSferatu too and Britt would become their bitter enemy. When Britt accidentally travelled through time with Chronos, Count Desmod tried to drink blood from her to allow himself to time-travel. He did so and went back to the beginning of Atlantis where he passed through time until he could eventually attempt to seek revenge upon Britt. Defeated he resumed his plans to take the world with NeSferatu and would eventually come up against The League of Heroes, led by Erro Simon.



The Commander


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His black hair is slicked back and tied with an equally black ribbon into a short ponytail tapering at just below the nape of his neck. He is dressed in a high-collared black fur cloak, lined with purple velvet. A silver vest with gold buttons covers a frilled black shirt over black trousers and boots.


When it came to feeding on people, he regarded humans as food and nothing else[Pan 1].

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The teeth of the NeSferatu insert a sliver of poison into the wound as they drink. This gives the victim a sense of euphoria, even pleasure, meaning the victim will stop resisting so readily and will not cry out[Pan 1].


Britt: The Legend

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Space Camelot

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As Tiarna Des-Mhumhain, Count Desmond was infamous amongst the Celtic people who believed him to be the incarnation of Donn, God of Death. A group of humans became White Hands through a pact with the NeSferatu. The NeSferatu fed on the humans to the point of death when the other White Hands would be allowed to heal the human and bring her back to life. This process would gradually turn a woman into one of the White Hands. Tiarna Des-Mhumhain fed exclusively on Anna Pendragon, the sister to King Arthur of Britannia, while his apprentice, Nyneve, fed on Princess Isolde of Brittany[Pan 1].

NeS 1888

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Pantheons of the NeSiverse References

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