Template:Character Cool Matty, otherwise known by the name "Tsukasa" or simply "CM", is a Mage and Hero of the Never-ending Story. He is known for his relationship with Mimiru Kizumaki, whom he eventually married. Cool Matty, also sometimes abbreviated to "CM", is a brave and natural leader, but his determination and willingness to lead often results in conflict with other Characters with strong egos, particularly The Last True Evil. Cool Matty was willing to sacrifice himself to save the other Heroes of the NeS but was eventually brought back to fulfill a request for the previous incarnation of God. Cool Matty has demonstrated a variety of magical skills that far-exceed the majority of other magically-adapt characters of the NeS, including his friend Subaru Yamamoto. He has also shown martial skills to rival his magical attributes but it is his magic that the Heroes often rely upon.

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