Template:CharacterChronos is the Potential for the former NeS Hero Apple before she was accidentally sent tumbling through time after an explosion and ceased to be the Character Apple and evolved into her Potential. As Chronos she can manipulate time extensively and is the head of the Time Enforcement Agency (T.E.A.), where she's often known as "Mysterious Person" to conceal her identity. She is the Earth-bound master of time, juxtaposed to Aeon, who serves as the deity of time throughout the rest of the NeSiverse. She has a vendetta against High Imp and Highemperor. She joined R.I.T.E. specifically to help in the plot against Highemperor. She retains her identity as Apple, as well as her invisibility powers and her familial ties to Losien Simon, who is her father, and her adoptive father, and master, Arkng Thand. Chronos will often help the NeS Heroes and one of her agents, Frank Smith, is one of them. Chronos, and her agency, govern time around Earth to ensure time streams are not interfered. Time travel passes can be granted and she granted one to Britticus after travelling with him and was attacked by Count Desmond. Desmond wasn't able to kill Chronos, however, but he did succeed in travelling back in time to the earliest point of NeS - Atlantis. Because he was able to travel through time, Britt actually met, later in his own life, Chronos at the earliest point in her own life when she transformed from Apple to Chronos in Victorian London and set up the T.E.A.

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