Chancellor Ctatherine was once the chancellor for the Jupiterian Empire around the year 500AD. She met with King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table when they left Earth aboard the ancient vessel they named Camelot. Ctatherine was most interested in the ship because the Jupiterians had found a vessel just like it, which they named The Hopeful, in orbit of Mars. Under her command was Admiral Ltexi who volunteered to travel with the humans for a while to learn about Camelot.



Ctatherine wore a brassiere made of metal and reveals plenty of naked skin. Her hair is a colour of blonde that looks to be tinted with pink[Pan 1].


Ctatherine is a cautious but temperate person who uses reason to negotiate. She doesn't trust humans as they have a bad reputation in the galaxy in 500AD[Pan 1].


Perennial Ship

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Chancellor Ctatherine captains her own perennial ship within the Jupiterian Empire's fleet. These ships are made of polished wood and each has an individual tree, usually an oak tree, that acts as the ship's power source[Pan 1].


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