Template:PostCatH Post 50 is the closing epilogue to Clear and the Hopeless (Story Arc) wherein Clear has spent six long months without power and trapped in the deep, long night of the Deep Void. She finds little to do but waste her time and lament her dire fate. The post closes with the promise of a subsequent story arc titled The Living Daylights.


The End

Music to accompany: Afterhours[Ext 1]


Clear stands at the very edge of the hangar bay doors, looking out. Somewhere behind her is the old Bug, sitting quietly and patiently. The automated loading engine, ALEX, is the only noise reaching her ears as the machine drifts about the hangar fixing things. It, and the other remaining droids she once acquired, are all over the ship, especially the hull, fixing it up. Waste of time.

Clear sits down and throws a small ball out of the hangar. It hits the oxygen shield and bounces back. Small enough that even the frail oxygen bubble will prevent it escaping. Not that there's anything to escape to.

The jump.

They did jump. Jumped too much. Too far. Too fast.

The new jump drive is broken now with no way to get the parts to fix it. No way to get those parts because there is nowhere to go. Nothing to see, nowhere to go.

There's only darkness. Emptiness. Blackness. Void. The Deep Void.

The End.

Clear throws the ball again. It bounces back. Six months. Six long months, alone with nothing to do. She throws the ball. It bounces back. The same thing. Each day. Staring into the void. How much longer?


Clear will return in:

Clear and the Hopeless: The Living Daylights


External References

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