The first post for Clear and The Hopeless opened with a blanket Non-Story Post to explain the Story's existence and to establish the spin-off's 'ground rules'. To date this is the only Non-Story Post to exist in the Clear and the Hopeless series.



This thread does take place within the NeSiverse and does take place during current events. However I intend for it to be 90% independent from both the NeS and HFO. It is also small-scaled orientated and largely about Character development, rather than being plot-driven or villain-driven. While humour is possible, it isn't the focus of this story. I don't intend to use any major characters that have appeared before, but may use very minor characters that have been completely forgotten (even by the Forgotten).

Obviously I intend this project for myself, but others can take part if they really want to! But, I would ask that anyone else wishing to add to this stick to the conditions mentioned above so that it doesn't become embroiled in other stories' events more than necessary. 


Britt's Commentary

"The idea for this thread came to me in the middle of the night and I felt I had to create it. It's a writing project mostly of self-indulgence and to write exactly what I want to write, the way I want to and when I want to. The interest of other Writers, Al Ciao the Writer and Gebohq the Writer, have only fuelled my interest in writing for CatH and their ideas are fun to implement into my own expressions - which those writers often enjoy the results of. I enjoy writing Clear especially and I enjoy coming up with interesting and unique character portrayals for the series." - Britt the Writer

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