The Briggan Star System was an unassuming star system within territory of The Imperium. It consisted of a lone red supergiant star and a single dwarf planet. However the entire star system was engulfed by a supermassive black hole created by Indigo Shade to strike against the High Empire when they travelled to the system alongside The Imperium, almost killing the Left Arm of The Imperium, Ameryl Hypericum, as well as two princesses of the High Empire, Astrid and Kleo the Summermaid.

Cosmic Bodies


The Briggan Star System has a supergiant red star before it was collapsed to create a supermassive black-hole by Indigo Shade. The star was relatively cool but Briggan was close enough to gain enough heat to become habitable[Tales 1].


Briggan was a dwarf planet and the only planet within the Briggan Star System, making the star system an unused and relatively unknown star system within The Imperium. The planet was close enough to the star to gain advantage of heat and develop an atmosphere and water. It never developed life and so it remained a rocky world of great lakes. The planet was quickly swallowed by the supermassive black-hole that was created by Indigo Shade[Tales 1].


Shades of an Empire

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Reports reached The Imperium and the High Empire that the infamous Indigo Shade had taken residence upon the planet Briggan within Imperium space. As a show of good faith, The Imperium would allow the High Empire through their territory and arrest Indigo Shade. Ameryl Hypericum, aboard The Lamb, chose to accompany the High Imperial Battlecruisers, under the command of Princess Astrid, on their search to the star system. Shortly after arriving in the system, seeing no life forms on the planet, the star imploded and a supermassive black-hole began to engulf the system. The planet was first to be sucked into oblivion[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium References

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