Atlantis was the most advanced city in human history, founded approximately 1 million B.C. and destroyed approximately 10,000 B.C.



Atlantis City


Holy District

The Holy District has many skyscraper buildings with walkways that connect them. Typical Atlanteans can reach them by using magical talismans to fly or leap up. The buildings have tubes that pump decorative waters around and there are many plants on show. The street is smooth sandstone, since the Atlanteans didn't use wheeled vehicles[Leg 1].

Basilica Numenaedes

The grand temple is dedicated to the WriterGod and stands at the centre of the Holy District[Pan 1]. It is named Basilica Numenaedes[Leg 1].

The Arcanaeum

The Arcanaeum is located next to the Grand Temple. Its bulk is a gigantic, transparent dome that rests between two tall towers. The two towers are actually tall but thin pyramids with their peaks sliced off to create flat surfaces. Mystical runes are carved into the top and there is a cadre of constantly rotating shifts of mages who chant holy rites day and night. In the air above the central dome is a complex stream of magic, in which can be seen changing magical runes that blink in and out of existence.

Due to the bright magical cloud, the building has earnt the nickname, "The Magic Lighthouse"[Pan 1].

The Orrery

The magical stream is dubbed 'The Orrery' and is a reflection of the cosmic pattern of magic. The stream was first created by Luros and then added to by many archmages over the decades since its creation, including Magistarr. It could be used by such archmages to create whole new spells[Pan 1].

The Great Circle

Within The Arcanaeum is The Great Circle, a permanent magical inscription into the floor of the central dome. It consists of multiple layers of symbols and sigils, with new layers added by various archmages. This circle allowed the mages of Atlantis to perfect grand feats of wizardry[Pan 1].

Edras Magnaulam

The Royal Palace is located within the Holy District, a mile from the Grand Temple[Pan 1]. It is named Edras Magnaulam and is the private residence of King Stafford and his wife Queen Exeter. Surrounding the palace are wide parklands and a river of vril, over which are a series of bridges[Leg 1].


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