This article refers to the Colosseum belonging to Athena. For the original Colosseum, please see Ares' Colosseum.Template:Location Athena's Colosseum is much like Ares' Colosseum in principle, however it is much newer and is based in the ancient city of Rome. Like her brother, Ares, Athena sells tournament events on pay-per-view for audiences watching the television, but also tickets within the colosseum itself. Both Athena and Ares are regarded as the "God of War", however Ares is considered the violence and brute force of war while Athena is the strategy and discipline of war. To this end, Athena normally arranges wide battles, as opposed to one-on-one matches, or obstacle challenges in battles.

The Arena

The Arena of Athena's Colosseum is such the same as that of its predecessor, including the sand. However this arena is also rigged with possible obstacles that can be activated to hamper the combatants within. This obstacles come in a wide assortment, including pit falls and lasers.

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