Artificial Intelligence
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Habitat Cyberspace
Race/Forms Variable
First Appearance TBA
Characters CynthAI Models

The Hopeful's A.I.s

An Artificial Intelligence, or "A.I." for short, is a digitally constructed intelligence that may, or may not, be capable of sentience. These A.I.'s generally exist in a digital state, though they may have synthetic bodies, making them more akin to a robot. The level of intelligence of A.I.s is not uniform and many companies seem to make them, including upgrades and alternative personalities as well as functions. A.I.s are often useful tools for managing systems on digital devices, such as time-travelling watches, or grandiose platforms, such as a spacestation like Orbital One or a spacecraft like The Hopeful.



The true appearance of an artificial intelligence doesn't exist, however many will have some form of physical representation. This may be a digital image, portraying a face[CatH 1], while some may have robotic or synthetic bodies, which are their physical representations. Having such a body is usually what differentiates A.I. from robots in the minds of most people (CatH Wai citation needed). Automatons are also similar to A.I.s contained within robotic bodies (Taxman citation needed). The exact forms of either a body or a digital representation depends on the creator or the owner of that A.I. and they may be changed at later dates, depending on the preference of the A.I.'s owner (CatH Mother citation needed).



While the specific abilities of an A.I. varies A.I.-to-A.I., most of them have functionality within cyberspace, able to manipulate digital processes. Sometimes these processes may lead to manipulation of the physical world, depending on the systems. Sometimes A.I.s within the same system may be allocated different levels of authority on systems, depending on their specified functions. The can also be transferred from system to system (CatH Mother citation needed). Some A.I.s, depending on their abilities, may be able to affect outside systems through some connected digital or cybernetic pathway (citation needed).


The history of A.I.s stretches across time and space as different civilisations have designed their own A.I.s over time, from Earth (citation needed), to Jupiter (citation needed), to Mirare (citation needed). It is impossible to compile an exact history of A.I.s.

Proctor Research

History TBA


Britt's Commentary

"The A.I.s in Clear and the Hopeless were always meant to be important Characters alongside their physical co-cast members. Note, in particular, was a representation of The Hopeful's mind - broken, corrupted and aged. However, conversely, Mother was the, obvious, representation of how The Hopeful is Clear's mother, protecting and nurturing her since she was a child." - Britt the Writer


Clear and the Hopeless References

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