Arondight was the blade that belonged to Sir Lancelot du Lac and was used in service to King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table during the voyages of Camelot through the galaxy. The sword was a demonic sword that was forged in the depths of Mount Athirat by Baal but it was later cleansed by The Lady of the Lake, Vivane, to be used by one with the purest of hearts. The sword has proven itself to be the bane of many a dark spirit or evil menace whilst under the possession of Lancelot.



The blade has a deep, navy blue sheen that makes it look like the deep ocean when it shimmers in the light[Pan 1].


Cleansed Hilt

Though the sword was created as a demonic blade, it was cleansed by The Lady of the Lake so that one who is pure of heart may not only wield it, but its power is amplified. The ward is upon the hilt, allowing it to be used, while the blade remains seethed in dark, magical power[Pan 1].

Magical Power

The power of the sword is magical in nature and it is capable even against advanced technology where lesser swords would fail[Pan 1]. The sword is especially useful against dark beings and will work against spirits where conventional physical weapons will have no effect[Pan 2].


The sword was forged in Mount Athirat by the demon lord Baal before it was eventually found and cleansed by The Lady of the Lake and bestowed upon Sir Lancelot du Lac. The sword proved itself effective against many enemies, including advanced technology[Pan 1] and evil spirits[Pan 2]. It was bestowed upon Lancelot by Vivane, Lancelot's Fairy God-Mother, when he and King Arthur approached Lake Glaslyn in Wales. The blade forged by Merlin the Elder, Excalibur, was imbued with power by Vivane at the same time she gave Arondight to Lancelot[Pan 3].


Britt's Commentary

"Though the history of Arondight in NeS is entirely made up by myself, the name of the sword does stem from the Matter of Britain[Ext 1] and was wielded by canon Lancelot. There the sword was a counterpart to Excalibur and a holy weapon. I decided I wanted to give a more interesting backstory to the sword and entwined it to other characters. This was also the first mention of Baal as a possible demon lord, with him later becoming a true character instead of just a reference." ~ Britt the Writer


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