An April Fools' Post has been an honorary tradition amongst the Writers of the Never-ending Story, who will normally post one April Fools' post each year. The tradition became so prevalent that the Character Rachel Pi would become the embodiment of April Fools in-Story, and thus most April Fools posts would be centred around some trick she pulls each year.

April Fools' Posts

The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Gebohq the Writer wrote the first ever April Fools' Post wherein Gebohq Simon and The Otter found a console within The Crow's Nest that had a big red button on it. In the arena itself many of the then NeS Heroes were embroiled in a battle to the death against invading forces of the Galactic Empire and Admiral Thrawn. When Gebohq pushed the button - the NeS came to The End. The Editor, in the Writers' Realm, was incredibly angry about this and Gebohq the Writer revealed it was his April Fools[NeS1 1].


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