Ampersand is a city that rests in the clouds and is split between the very rich and the very poor; the poor living on the top of the city where it is hotter and the rich living on the bottom half were it is cooler.



Ampersand is a city that rests on solidified clouds of a gaseous planet. The rich live at the bottom of the city, sheltered from the heat of the sun, while the poor live at the top with the sun's scorch[Tales 1].


The planet, and the city, were claimed by the High Empire but many in the top tier of the city, the poor half, resented the High Empire's presence. Many of the rich are little more than socialites that spend their time gossiping at parties[Tales 1]. Many of the nobles buy books for their aesthetic appearance on the shelves rather than for any actual reading[Tales 2].

Gender Roles

They have gender divisions, seeing men as the strong defenders and women as weak in both mind and body, in need of protection by the men of society. Women are legally equal to men, able to work or own property, but are considered inferior socially[Tales 2].

Wealth Roles

The poor of the world are downtrodden and exploited by the rich[Tales 2].


Ameryl's Manor

The manor is built on the rich half of the city so that its head points down towards the poor side of the city and its own wine orchards[Tales 1].

Cloud Break Reserve

Cloud Break Reserve is a famous brand of wine that was founded by Ameryl Hypericum and then continued on by one of her protégés, Suzanna de Myste. The orchards used to grow the wine are opposite to the manor that Ameryl once lived in. Before Ameryl arrived, most people drank cloudberry juice but switched to Ameryl's exquisite wine[Tales 1].

The Grape Hole

A special break in the clouds had to be cleared (demolishing several middle class homes in the process) so that a beam of light would strike down onto the vineyards. The topmost cloud layer of the city has the same gap in their hardened clouds, but here the cloud is allowed to lightly coat the hole to moderate the amount of light and heat being shunted downwards. The paupers and workmen of the top layer have been calling it 'The Grape Hole'[Tales 1].


Ampersan's lowest district, and therefore its most prestigious, is called Newsom[Tales 2].


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