Amazing Innovations is a television show dedicated to telesales, selling new products that are not yet in stores. They are often quirky new and innovative designs for products. The show has a host, the pitch person and the live studio audience.



The host of the show must act on behalf of the audience to advocate their interests, both getting information from a seller and helping them get the deal they'll accept. The host will often feign ignorance or reluctance to better encourage the audience that he is on their side, though the host will normally accept whatever claims a seller will make without question[NeS 1].

Pitch Person

The pitch person of the show must sell their wares to the live audience and audiences at home. They answer the questions given by the host and will work with the host to get the deal they're after while seeming to appease the audience with low prices and outrageous claims.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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During the early years of the show, Tony (British Pitch Guy) arrived on the show to sell the lightfoils product, which was originally designed and crafted by Antestarr. Mike (host) questioned Tony about the product to get information for the audience, though accepted even the most obvious hyperbolic answers, until it came time to the price. Mike encouraged ever lowering the price until the final offer from Tony got the audience on their feet and rushing the stage to make a purchase. They wound up crushing and killing Mike in the process[NeS 1].


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