Alimean are a sentient species and found across the Multiverse. Most alimean have marble-coloured skin and normally have bright green hair, but in one universe they have golden skin instead. The species is known, however, to have a genetic malformation in certain DNA strands which causes their skin to become ashen and cracked. In the universe of Iskendriel they are named The Scourge, while in Isk's universe she insists that they are The Lightbringers. Even more rare than The Scourge are Planestriders, which are sometimes born within this species, including Iskendriel and many of her alternate alimean selves.



Typical alimeans have marble-white skin and bright green hair. They are humanoid in physical shape[Tales 1].


Marble Alimean

Those with marble-white skin and bright green hair are the most typical of alimean across the Multiverse. Isk is such an alimean[Tales 1].

Golden Alimean

One universe contains alimean with golden skin rather than the usual white, which some marble alimean would consider far more beautiful. One such golden-skinned alimean was Iskendriel (Fourth) before she was killed[Tales 1].

The Scourge

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The Scourge is a genetic anomaly within alimean which causes their skin to become like ash. Grey and extremely soft, as though a poke would pierce through. Their skin is cracked, revealing bright red scars upon their backs and under their eyes. They are hated by other alimean. They were not born, rather they were created[Tales 1].

The Lightbringers

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In the universe of Isk, The Scourge are known, instead, as The Lightbringers and have more positive connotations[Tales 1].

Biological Traits


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Some alimean are born with the innate gift of planestriding, which allows them to walk throughout the Multiverse. This is an exceptionally rare gift and it is unknown why some are able to do this as it isn't passed through genes[Tales 1].


The Scourge

In the culture of Iskendriel, her kind, known as The Scourge, are hated. However the same group are seen as a positive within the culture of Isk, where they are known as 'The Lightbringers'[Tales 1].




Britt's Commentary

"The alimean species was made up for the Iskendriel Character. The original idea for Iskendriel was of golden skin, as thought up by Al Ciao the Writer, but I didn't want to have such a 'mary sue' appearance for the Character so I changed the species to have the marble white and green hair and then further changed the main Iskendriel so that she was much more scary in her looks. As an acknowledgement of the original source I had Isk (Fourth), who was killed in her first post, be of a golden skinned variety of alimean." ~ Britt the Writer


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