Alchemy is the process of inducing magical effects through concoctions, potions or enacting other alchemical processes through use of materials found throughout the galaxy. Alchemy is generally requires greater understanding and education than the usual magic-user would require for casting spells using aether. Alchemy requires study and patience. The results, however, mean that the magical effects are not reliant on the mage to either be present or even cast and those without innate disposition for magic are able to study and learn alchemy. Alchemy has existed through the centuries and throughout various civilisations of the NeSiverse.


Testing Limitations

Alchemical tests can be used on objects (or even people) to test their limitations. Merlin the Younger once tested spacesuits found aboard Camelot for their properties and limitations, discovering that they not only protected people from the vacuum of space but also hazards such as sulphuric rainfall and offered protection in combat[Pan 1].


Many alchemists are able to detect components to alchemy by smell alone[Pan 2].

Known Concoctions

Name Function Components
Strength-boosting Elixir[Pan 2] Boosts strength
  1. Redthorn Lintblossom


Merlin the Younger

Main article: Merlin the Younger

Though adept with magic casting, Merlin the Younger is the studious type and learnt alchemy as well as her normal ability to spell-cast[Pan 1].

Dhaeriend do'Ziikin

See also: Dhaeriend do'Ziikin

Dhaeriend do'Ziikin is a drow alchemist (citation needed). When he was a young man during the Medieval Era, named Newrias, he was a squire for Sir Palamedes of Space Britain and was going through his Awakening. He would smell things and memories of being an alchemist would come back to him[Pan 2].


Britt's Commentary

"Many features of alchemy in NeS are based on 'real'-world alchemy[Ext 1].


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