Albion is a plane created entirely of magic and constantly sucks up aether to maintain itself. It is connected to the Earth via The Rift, which is underneath Stonehenge before the gates of Doughnutdelf. Albion is the home of the Aes Sidhe, beings of magic that will venture into the realm of Earth to interact with the humans. Albion relied on the Earth's abundance of aether to exist and when The Rift was sealed, Albion began to fade until The Rift was reopened again by Excalibur. The people of Albion once had a close relationship with the people of Britannia and its rulers, Arthur and Llacheu, but with time and the passing of kings that bond waned. Only Merlin the Elder, trapped within the halls of Doughnutdelf, maintained the human relationship with the Aes Sidhe.

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