Agent Mulligan is one of the low level agents that operate within the Hero Force group. When the Laniakea Supercluster was moved by the group R.I.T.E., Agent Mulligan was with Citizen Rex; the "face" of Hero Force One. He, and other remaining members of the Hero Force, worked with the Magium to create the illusion that the stars remained in the sky so as not to panic the citizens of Earth, which had not been moved with the rest of the supercluster - stranding those still on Earth from Hero Force One itself. When The Patriot was resurrected he found Agent Mulligan and Citizen Rex. The Patriot was once the leader and face of Hero Force One until he was killed. Despite returning to life, at the hands of God himself, he didn't intend to rejoin the team and gave Citizen Rex and Agent Mulligan a flashlight capable of glowing blue when aliens were nearby and burning them to a crisp if desired.

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