The Aes Sidhe are a people made entirely of magic and are from the plane of Albion. There are various species of Aes Sidhe and there are other beings who reside within the magical realm alongside them. Aes Sidhe depend upon there being a constant supply of aether available else they will die, as would Albion. Albion itself draws upon Earth's aether through The Rift, which also supplies the Aes Sidhe with the means of survival too. There are several leaders within the Aes Sidhe community, including Vivane who is known to humans as The Lady of the Lake. Many Aes Sidhe have chosen to live lives on Earth rather than Albion, but rarely do they stray far from Great Britain, where The Rift is located. This means they are most commonly found in European countries, including Great Britain and Ireland.


Aes Sidhe Witch

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An Aes Sidhe Witch is a species of Aes Sidhe that are actually cats that don human form. Should they expend too much magic in a short time, they will revert to their cat form. This can be permanent should the witch expend a great deal[Pan 1]. When in cat form, they are still capable of speech and normal thought but are stuck in their feline bodies.


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